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Cracks In the road


Take a ride through these asphalt streets
Bends in the road
You’ll be driving in circles, eventually

These bridges we cross someday will break
The rats underneath spread their disease
How poisonous, these clouds of pollution

Trees with their fading evergreen
Sighs here and there
The cracks…



Lips sealed by the bitter-sweet taste
Of the secrets told
They were shared to be kept
Now they’re yours to hold
Lock them in your heart
And guard them with your mind
Rearrange the constellation
Till their words hold flawless rhymes
But don’t you dare share
What here has been told
You know those who keep secrets
Have hearts made of gold

Eternal Seduction


With ebony eyes
he penetrated my being
tranquilized my soul

his calculated kiss
cold against my heat
melted my walls

one taste of his venom
burned inside out
I was his

he entered me with lighting
filling me with night
ecstasy, our eternal darkness…

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I know I’m not the only one,
I’ve tried forgetting, but I can’t move on,
these thoughts I’m running from are all the same;
and my stomach knots when I hear your name.

tell me it’s over, tell me I’ve lost,
don’t tell me to stay and complain of the cost,
I know we don’t talk much, but there’s not much to say;
now we are ghosts of a love gone away.

you’re a sinking ship. Pathetic,
what next? A falling leaf? Is that poetic?
We all know that lovesickness comes and goes in oceans;
although it can be beaten, if you control your emotions.

So quit feeling sorry for yourself, you don’t want to meet your maker.
(But don’t you ever leave me please, Heartbreaker.)


By Ryan Havers

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she was abstract
and all over the place

then i took a step back

…and realized she was beautiful

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Fall Flavors and You


Watch as the sun unfolds a perfect day
cutout paper dolls hand in hand
march across a sky and taste of honey,
they smell of autumns past
and circle with sweet crimson breaths
that draw you to a moment
where your heart had wings
and leaves of every color
buried to your elbows
make you Inhale the memory
lingering on its taste,
a taste still wet on your tongue
that tastes of you…

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You are someone else’s poetry now.
Six word story, rbl.bttt (via rebelbeattt)

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i watch her face move as she reads her words to me
her face is alive
and alight
her eyebrows dance to her rhythm 
and when her eyes get big
her smile follows
she captures my heart for an instant
long enough to hear her words
to feel her words

…to watch
her words 
come alive


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